Saturday 17 March 2018

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About St. Patrick’s Day

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This week, I went out to take pics for St. Patrick’s Day and, then, it dawned on me………. I really don’t know much about this holiday. I went home and did a little research; so, here are 5 things you (like me) probably didn’t know about St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Saint Patrick was British
It is said that St. Patrick was born in what is now England, Scotland or Wales. Irish raiders enslaved him at the age of 16, took him to Ireland and held him captive for six years.

2. The Shamrocks
Legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock to illustrate the doctrine of the holy trinity (The Son, The Father & The Holy Spirit).

3. We should wear blue
Historians say that the color that was mostly associated with St. Patrick is blue. It is a very light blue called “Saint Patrick’s blue”. So, where did the green come from? Honestly, I am not sure. There are several different reasons, such as:
· Green is one of the three colors in the Irish flag.
· Ireland is known as the "Emerald Isle” because of its lush, green landscape.
· Green was also used when supporters of Irish independence used the color to represent their cause.
· Green is the color of the shamrock.

It’s safe to say that, if you don’t wear green, leprechauns might just pinch you. I guess you can pick the explanation you like best.

4. Corned Beef and Cabbage
The traditional meat eaten on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland turns out to be Irish bacon and not corned beef. Irish immigrants to the United States used corned beef, the cheaper alternative at the time, as a substitute. They learnt about this, as a replacement, from Jewish immigrants.
Side note, I totally plan to cook Jamaican corned beef with cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day.

5. The Chicago River turns green
Every year, since 1962, the city turns the river green by dumping 40 tons of dye into it.

Photos by Allthingscreativeblog

Here is a quick tip for you guys. You can order a Shamrock Frappuccino for St. Patrick’s Day from Starbucks. I came across it on their Secret Menu.

Here’s the recipe:
· Start with a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
· Add peppermint syrup (1.5 pumps tall, 2 pumps grande, 2.5 pumps venti)
· Add classic syrup (½ pump tall, 1 pump grande, 1.5 pumps venti)
· Add matcha powder (2 scoops tall, 2.5 grande, 3 venti)

Outfit Details:
White Top: Target | Pants: Banana Republic Factory (similar here) | Earrings: Baublebar | Bag: Louis Vuitton

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