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It’s little white dress season again! Spring is here and I can bust out all the white dresses I had bought before it was warm enough to wear them. Although, with all the things happening in the world right now, I might be wearing them to visit my fridge 😂 and, honestly, that’s ok. As long as we are all safe and staying home, it’s fine by me.

White dresses in the Spring feel light, breezy and flirty and helps you to fashionably welcome the warm-weather season. I have links to 21 Little White Dresses below; let me know which one is your favorite in the comments section.

Bag: Tory Burch | Sandals: Saint Laurent

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The shirt dress has definitely become a wardrobe essential for me. I shared, in a post last year, that maxi shirt dresses have my heart and that still holds true today. I feel the reason a shirt dress is an essential nowadays is because it works so well for most body types. It truly is versatile. It’s something you can dress up for work or play.

Dress: Zara (similar here) | Shoes: Zara (similar here, here & here) | Bag: Amazon | Earring: Sparq Boutique

I’ve shared 12 shirt dresses below all under $100. Click on the images to shop.
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Today we are continuing the St. Lucia series; follow along as I take you through all the activities my husband and I got up to on our visit to the island.

What to do:

Climb a Piton (or two) – St. Lucia is known for the Pitons, which are two beautiful mountainous volcanic plugs/spires located near the town of Soufriere and on the southwest side of the island. The large one is known as Gros Piton while the smaller one (you guessed it) is known as Petit Piton. Gros Piton is considered a less strenuous climb and is sanctioned by the government of St. Lucia. The climbing of Petit Piton, however, is not sanctioned and must be done at your own risk! Which Piton do you think my very adventurous husband was interested in?! Yes, you got it, Petit Piton! The manager our hotel arranged a tour guide (Mountain Goat- 758-384-7844) to take Jason up the mountain and back. NOTE: It is a very tedious climb that requires a good level of fitness and it should not be done by persons with health concerns. This is one of the reasons I did not accompany my husband. You can see highlights of his climb here

Go on a Sunset Cruise – This was the BEST sunset cruise I have ever been on. ‘Periodt!’ It took me a bit of research to find a sunset cruise that left out of Soufriere as opposed to the other end of the island. Since we were staying in Soufriere, I really didn’t see the point of driving somewhere else to start a sunset tour which, inevitably, would end up sailing to Soufriere anyway. After a few google searches, I found Mystic Man Tours and they definitely did not disappoint. From the music, to the ambiance, to the food and finally, to the service, everything was on point. They provided endless rum punches and beers; they also served fruit kebobs, cheese sandwiches, rolls, wings and to top it all off, Champagne and cake at sunset. The drinks were flowing, the music was intoxicating, and everyone was having a great time plus, we couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop than the Pitons against the rainbow-colored sky. I will forever recommend this sunset cruise to anyone that plans to visit St. Lucia.

Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party – Ok, I must admit I dropped the ball a little on this one. I never bothered to even look how long it would take us to get to the street party from Soufriere. I still, to this day, don’t know how that happened. It wasn’t until we were ready to head out that we actually decided to look up the directions and realized that it was going to take us almost two hours to get there. I started with all of that because I didn’t have the opportunity to really enjoy the night how I would have wanted. The party itself was a vibe and the rum punch really packs a punch. As for the street food, I am very picky when it comes to where I eat and I just didn’t see anything I was willing to try. We only stayed for an hour as it would take us another two hours to get back to our hotel. It personally wasn’t worth it for me, but only because of the length of the drive and the winding roads.

Visit Anse Mamin Beach – This is a secluded black sand beach that is operated by Anse Chastanet. The beach is about a ten-minute walk from the Anse Chastanet Resort and along a rocky path, below the cliffs. The beach is stunning and peaceful; perfect for a relaxing afternoon. We sat on some loungers that were right in front of the beach, but we were quickly told that these were for hotel guests only. If we wanted to, we could have rented plastic loungers for around $12. The plastic loungers, however, looked like they had never been cleaned and, quite frankly, I wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole. We declined.

The Spa at the Viceroy – My Husband and I booked a couple’s massage at the Viceroy’s Tropical Treehouse Spa and the experience was magical, to say the least. The room that we got our massage in was actually a small treehouse. So cool! We were also allowed to do the steam room right after our treatment, which was also an amazing experience.

The Sulphur Springs – We stopped at the Sulphur Springs (a couple hours before our flight home) because there was no way we could go to St. Lucia and not have their mud bath experience. Apparently, it’s really good for your skin and it makes you look ten years younger. 😉

The World’s Only Drive in Volcano – The volcano tour was very informative and this is where I learnt that there are different types of volcanoes. The type of volcano on St. Lucia is known as a Qualibou depression and, after an eruption many years ago, it formed what is known as a Qualibou caldera. (you can ready more about it here)

Where to Eat:

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat – This was the restaurant at our hotel. It was very unique; primarily because every dish pretty much had some type of a chocolate element to it. Trust me when I say this is a chocolate lovers dream! We also opted for breakfast here, every morning, and it was delicious and quite substantial.

Dasheene at Ladera – The thing I remember the most about this restaurant is the view!!! The view was amazing. The food was also great and the service, impeccable.

Anse Mamin Beach – While visiting the beach, we got to try the burgers Anse Mamin beach are famous for. They were just as good as everyone said they were. Definitely worth the hype!

Jade Mountain Club – We had lunch at Jade Mountain and, in my humble opinion, they ‘hands-down’ have the best beef tacos!!! I can’t put into words how much I enjoyed this meal. So here’s a picture.

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It will be spring shortly and, in true Tian fashion, I have already started to eye all of the things I want to be wearing for the season. My ‘Spring and Summer’ wardrobe is usually influenced by whatever tropical destinations I am planning on visiting and, since I am visiting a few this year, there is no better time to start than now. I have listed all of the items I have been looking at below.

Please let me know what items you are planning on picking up for the Spring in the comment section below.


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In September of 2019, my husband and I took a trip to St. Lucia and we had the time of our lives. St. Lucia is truly beautiful and romantic. I can definitely see why it is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world.

Today starts my little mini-series on St. Lucia. I will start by sharing what I wore while I was there and, in the coming weeks, I will look at what we did, where we ate and what hotels we considered plus a review of the hotel we actually stayed in.

Without further ado, let’s get into what I wore.

Kaftan: Revolve (Similar here/here) | Hat: Asos
Dress: Sparq Boutique | Earrings: Deepa Gurani (Similar here)
Cover up: Asos (similar here
Dress: H&M (Similar here/here)
Dress: Sparq Boutique | Bag: Amazon | Earrings: Shopbop

Swimsuit: Target (Similar here/here)

Dress: Sparq Boutique | Earrings: Shopbop
Cover up: H&M (Similar here/here) | Swimsuit: Calvin Klein (Similar here)
Hat: Asos | Earrings: Deepa Gurnani
Shirt: Old (Similar here) | Leggings: Spanx 

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Hey Guys,

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! I feel like it really snuck up on me this year. Last year we decided to stay in and I went ahead and made us dinner. This year, however, we are going to try and brave the madness that is eating out on V-day! Given my current unprepared state, I have been in a rush trying to find a dress to wear to dinner with the Hubby.

I love flirty and feminine dresses as I think they suit both me and my body type the best. I’ve decided to share all the dresses I came across in my search with you today. Hopefully this helps, provided you are a last-minute shopper like myself. :)

Let me know in the comments below if you have decided to stay in or go out for Valentine’s Day.

Dress: Old (similar here/here) | Bag: Amazon | Earrings: Sparq Boutique 

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