Wednesday 19 June 2019

The Best Pochette Metis Alternative

Hey Guys,

The Pochette Metis has been my favorite bag since purchased back in 2017, and since then, it has still managed to be one of Louis Vuitton’s most sought after bags. This bag is pricey to say the least, and may prove difficult to come by.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the Pochette Metis, however, you can imagine a price range of anywhere between $1830 - $2770 USD depending on the model you chose. So imagine my surprise when I was scrolling Coach’s website, and came across their Cassie Crossbody which is almost an exact match to the Pochette Metis. I just couldn’t believe it!
The Cassie Crossbody is available at the amazing price of $350, and I am pretty sure there isn’t a waiting list to purchase one. If for whatever reason you couldn’t justify the price point of the Pochette Metis, but you have loved the bag since it was first introduced, the Cassie Crossbody might just be the bag for you (even I’m contemplating adding the Chalk/Brass to my bag collection).

Update 06/2020:

I decided to buy the Coach Cassie 19 instead. I did purchase it in the color Chalk. Unboxing Video below.

Has anyone else been “eyeing” this new release from Coach? Let me know your thoughts.

Shop the Cassie Crossbody

Until next time guys, thanks for reading.
xoxo TianShanae



  1. I love the coach look a like in black!

  2. I love that LV, but like the price of the Coach one better! I will be checking it out for sure!

  3. There's nothing like a classic LV. However, the Coach price can't be beat. That sounds amazing!

  4. Ohhh, I really like that nude and camel color way. So chic!

  5. What a gorgeous bag! The Cassie bag is a great alternative but nothing beats the original!

  6. That bag is so cute and the Coach alternatives are great too! I love sturdy, structured handbags

  7. I love that LV! It's the next on one my wishlist after getting my Neverfull :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  8. I love this bag, and the coach alternatives! Coach is such a great brand as well for the lower end of luxury.


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