Tuesday 17 April 2012

Renee’s Trip (April 6th – 10th)

OMG guys! I don’t even know where to begin. My sister and her boyfriend finally came to visit me in Orlando! 
I can’t imagine myself being any happier during that time. Despite the short duration of their trip, it was still a very heart-warming visit because I had missed her ‘oh-so-much’. So, without further ado, let me give you guys a “run down” of her trip and the activities we decided to partake in.

RENEE and Stefan landed surprisingly early on Friday. This was particularly funny because Jason and I thought we arrived at the airport long before they cleared customs & immigration. Upon arrival, we proceeded to baggage claim and waited for approximately 15 minutes prior to receiving an unexpected call from Renee. With this call, my hopes of capturing a movie moment of her coming down the escalator went up in flames :(. They were both waiting right outside the whole time.

When Jason and I finally made it through the exit doors, Stefan was inconspicuously sitting to my right (if you look closely you can spot him in a yellow shirt in the video I have posted). I didn’t see him right away as I was still scanning the surroundings for my little sis. By this time, we were a little irritated because we STILL didn’t see any of them and then, all of a sudden, I spotted Renee. I sprinted over to her and gave her the biggest hug ever. In that moment, my soul felt complete.

After spending another 15 minutes trying to find where we parked the car, we decided to go straight home rather than find something to eat. Of course, one of the first things Renee requested was the wifi password so she could get her devices hooked up to the internet. She can’t live without her BlackBerry and could possibly die of separation anxiety. They were both exhausted from the entire day of travelling and decided to stay indoors for the rest of the night. 

SATURDAY was a brand new day and we had a mall to conquer. As anyone knows, these short trips to the “U.S. of A” are always filled with shopping. We headed to Florida Mall and spent the entire day there trying to find whatever items Renee had on her list of must-haves. Later on, we (PJ, Evon, Renee, Stefan, Jason and I) headed to a little club called Lime-Light that played Jamaican music on a Saturday night. This turned out to be an EPIC FAIL in my eyes but I guess, you win some / you lose some. We came home smelling like a pack of cigarettes and had to get ready for bed right away because we had to attend Church in the AM. 

EASTER Sunday (the focal point of the trip) was finally here. I had been telling Renee for weeks that she had to go to Church with me and I was so excited to finally share my place of worship with her. In addition, the Church I attend is nothing like the ones back home (it’s definitely not traditional to say the least). The service lasted an hour long and then we jumped in the car and headed straight to brunch. We were all famished. The original plan was to dine at Crave but when we arrived, they were only accepting reservations for regular seating and we had forgotten to make them. It wasn’t all bad though, because we had brunch at another restaurant I had never been to before (which I will share with you in a future “Food Feature” blog post) YAAY!!!

The next stop on the agenda was to head to a mall for some more shopping. To our surprise the mall was closed for Easter Sunday. Unheard of!.......the mall is never closed!....or so I thought. What were we going to do? Luckily, Jason suggested that we try the outlets and sure enough they were open. *Smiles* the day had been saved. After about four hours on the mall we headed home to take part in Amelia’s Easter Sunday Dinner. On the menu was scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole and a honey glazed ham, yum! 

MONDAY was definitely more of a relaxation day. We stayed home for the first part of the day and then we went to Mall at Millenia to pick up the last minute items that were still on their lists. 
TUESDAY morning treated us to a good old American McDonalds breakfast before heading back to the airport. The whole ride to the airport I told myself that I wouldn’t shed a tear but I couldn’t help it. It felt like a piece of me was being ripped away and I was trying so hard to hold onto it. No matter how hard it was to say bye though, I am ultimately glad she came. 

Love you Renipooh

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  1. *tears* I need another trip. When is the next holiday?! Lol

  2. That video is too cute and those pics look great. Next holiday I wanna come tooooo!!!!

  3. so beautiful like you!!! A exciting video, thanks to share it!

    xoxo from München
    La Vie Quotidienne

  4. good post about

    Renee’s Trip (April 6th – 10th)


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