Thursday 19 April 2012

OOTD: Black Polka Dots

Hey Guys!!

I have been so behind in my delivery of this specific feature on my blog and for that I must apologize. Now that I’ve cleared the air, here goes. We have gone pass yet another Wednesday, known to most as “hump day”. I’m sure most of you doing a 9 to 5 is like *woot woot*, Lolol! Any who, this week’s OOTD features an ensemble I wore this past Sunday (15/04), to my hairdresser’s baby shower.

This getup was an easy one, and allowed enough room for whatever “trouble” I could think to get myself in. And of course, trouble I did find! or did it find me?! Hhmmmm, Lol! There was the introduction of a specific game at the shower. From this activity, we were to write three actions we wished to have Tiana (my hairdresser) do in her current state. As outlined by the instructions, these actions could have been anything under the sun. With that said, Jason and I decided that we wanted to see Tiana touch her toes, moonwalk, and to spice things up a bit, kiss her tummy. Sure enough for those who haven’t taken part in this game before, there was a twist. The list was handed to her, and she now had the responsibility of assigning one of the three desired actions to the person who wished for same. I’m sure you guys can guess that she wanted me to moonwalk *face palms*. OMG, how embarrassing!! Being the good sport that I am however, I got up and entertained everyone with my horrible rendition of the dance.

I now share with you, images below. Enjoy!!

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