Monday 16 April 2012

Fab Findz

Hey Guys!! 

How was your weekend?! I hope you had a blast doing whatever you did *smiles* 

For you my avid readers, I spent my weekend thinking of ways in which to revamp my blog. With that said, I’ve decided to add a new feature on my blog called “Fab Findz”. From this feature, I will share with you all, items I may come across from week to week that I consider cute, fab, gorge, amazing, etc. I’m literally bouncing of the walls with excitement as I create this post. Why you may ask? One reason being I’m a girly girl and I just love new things. After all, who doesn’t?! *giggles* Now here goes the first of many such features … 

On this lovely Monday morning, I will have known to all, three things that I so happened to have found sometime last week. 

E.O.S Lip Balm Sphere – OMG! I am so in love with this egg-shaped object. I have heard a lot about this particular lip balm, and have wanted to try one for the longest time. Well on Friday I finally got my chance when I came across the product in Target. At the time, they had two flavours available. That is, “Honeysuckle” and “Sweet Mint”. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me, at the then present moment, honeysuckle sounded a whole lot like watermelon. Point to note, I absolutely hate watermelon. As such, the decision was made right then and there to go with Sweet Mint *twirls*. 

This lip balm smells so amazing!! It was just as the name suggested, a sweetened minty scent with the mint not being too overbearing. The product is made with 100% natural ingredients, 95% of which are organic. The balm itself is not super moisturizing, but it does a pretty good job and since it’s a big egg-shaped ball, I’m almost certain that it will be harder to lose. This comes as great news to me, as I have a knack of losing lip balms time and time again. 

C.O Bigalow Lip Shine Holder – Now I was extremely happy, when I found this item in Bath and Body Works on Friday of last week (13/04). It’s similar to the cute jelly holsters, made for their line of miniature hand sanitizers, except of course, that this one holds lip gloss. How cool is that?! I’ve said it to those close to me, and I’ll share it here … This product, I honestly believe was developed just for me. As previously mentioned, I lose my lip glosses probably in a similar fashion to how I or anyone for that matter may lose hair pins. OMG!! The “Lip Balm Gods” have finally heard my cry, Lolol!! The idea here is that with this “gadget” on hand, my lip balm/gloss will stay pinned to my bag of choice, and I will always know where it is. Yay Me!! 

Elf Powder Brush from the Studio Line – I know, I know, I may be super late; however I find this brush to be sooooo incredible! While I was in Target, I saw two different lines of elf brushes. One being silver and the other black, nonetheless I still wondered what the real difference could possibly have been. The silver ones were US$1 and the black US$3, so I thought to myself, “what the heck, I'd just buy the two”, Lol! I had bought one E.L.F. Essential Total Face Brush (silver), and one E.L.F. Studio Powder Brush (black). When I got home I tried them both, and to be absolutely honest with you, I really didn’t care for the silver one at all. The black powder brush on the other hand felt great. It was so soft!! This brush literally feels like velvet on your face. The black brushes have synthetic hair (Taklon) and are cruelty free. I must say that at US$3, it’s worth every single penny. Give it a try!! I promise you won’t be disappointed one bit.

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  1. That is the elf brush I wanted! *tears* I need that lipgloss holder thingy too!

  2. I can literally hear ur excitement, lol. I've heard good things about that elf brush too, Shyvonne has one and that lipgloss thingy magig is cute.

  3. Funny enough I was planning on buying one of those brushes today. They are also great for liquid foundation :)


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