Friday, 25 November 2016

Behind the Scenes

Hey Guys,

Today is my 6-year anniversary with my lovely husband Jason. In honor of that, I thought this would be a great time to share my thoughts on having a supportive spouse/significant other. Don’t worry guys, I am not trying to push some fairytale ideology as I don’t believe in them. However, I do believe that it is important to have someone in your corner that will support all that you want to achieve in life. Jason has been very instrumental to all my crazy and not-so-crazy ideas. I have a very creative mind and, as such, my thoughts are always busy. I have gone through many different phases in life; from handbag designer to online shop owner to blogger to sticker maker… and the list could go on, but you get the picture. 

In all my madness, I know Jason will be right there beside me. Yes, he is going to tell me I am crazy at first but then he will help me assemble the pieces of whatever puzzle I am working on. He takes all the pictures for my blog and attends most of my blogger events if I need him to, even if he really doesn’t want to. Why? He believes in my dreams just as much as I do. With this post, I say thank you to my Camera Man/Assistant Sticker Maker/ Real Estate Office Assistant and, last but not least, my Husband. 

Happy Anniversary Babe!

Remember Guys “team work makes the dream work” so find someone in your life that’s willing to support your dreams.

Outfit Details:

Top: Ann Taylor Loft | Pants: Ann Taylor Loft | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Shoes: Target (similar here/here)

oxox TianShanae


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

My Go-To Outfit

Hey Guys,

It’s been awhile since I have done a fashion post, so I thought I would drop in and share my favorite go-to outfit when I want to be comfortable. Now, I know the chambray shirt is not new to anyone, but it is definitely one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. My favorite way to wear this piece is with black leggings, slip-ons and a crossbody bag. This combo is a no-brainer. It’s often what I wear to travel or what I wear when I don’t know what to wear or if I just simply want to be comfortable. This outfit never does me wrong.

Do you have a go-to outfit? If so, please share in the comment section below.

Outfit Details:

Chambray Shirt: Banana Republic (similar here /here) | Legging: Old (similar here) | Shoes: Jimmy Choo (similar here) | Bag: Zara (similar here)

xoxo TianShanae

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Date with a Fashion Stylist

Have you ever thought to yourself: what could a fashion stylist teach me, that I didn’t already know? Well, as I came to find out……… A whole lot!!!!

A few months ago, I met Christina Marsico at an Ann Taylor Loft Event. Being the host of the event, she was giving a presentation on how to transition your summer wardrobe into fall. I found this very informative; especially given that fall is my favorite season. We chatted throughout the event and she explained that she loved to help women shop their wardrobe and pair items that they may not consider combining as an outfit. At this point I was sold and immediately knew I needed to hear more. That’s how we set a date for my initial consultation.

My consultation came at the right time. It was the weekend right before I started my new job. As such, I wanted to tailor my session to figure out work outfits for the next few months. 

The session started with a questionnaire to help both Christina and myself 1) determine and 2) understand my style. After obtaining a better understanding, we then went to take look at my closet. This is when the fun happens. She pulled all the pieces that she thought were work-appropriate and placed them on the bed. Then she removed all the things that were either ill fitting or not entirely suitable based on color. Then came the try on session! This is where I tried on several different combinations of her recommended work-appropriate items. It’s during this portion of the styling session that I learnt several things.

1. Underwear - You need a proper bra! I have never had a great fitting bra and honestly I just told myself that I never would. However, Christina assured me that this was not normal and recommended someone who would find me the perfect fit.

2. Shoes – Now, I have a love-hate relationship with shoes and that is clearly reflected in how many I own. I stick with what I know works and don’t bother to give myself headaches to spend money on shoes I never wear. I have VERY narrow and extremely flat feet, so finding comfortable shoes that fit is just simply a nightmare. To rectify this, Christina sent me a list of brands that are suited for women with narrow feet. Lets just say that I am now looking forward to picking up some new shoes to add to my wardrobe.

3. Tops – I honestly never knew that most of my tops were either too long or too big. Christina gave me awesome tips to prevent me from repeating these mistakes.

4. Pants – She pointed out that I needed to have proper fitting trousers for work and depend less on riding-style pants. She also made recommendations on brands to stay away from and brands that I should definitely try. Another great thing about the post-session experience is that she doesn’t leave you hanging to find these items on your own. She has (and provides) connections within the local industry that will aid you in finding your proper fit.

5. Shopping your wardrobe – for my specific needs, this was potentially the most important part of the whole experience. I have never had a job that required a corporate style of dress; it has always been business causal. I honestly never wanted to go out and buy all new clothes. I just really wanted to utilize what was already in my existing wardrobe and fill in any missing items. Christina assisted me in creating 19 viable work outfits from my existing wardrobe. Can you say ‘cost savings’???

6. Closet Organization – Christina will organize your closet in a way that works well for your everyday life. After she was complete with this section of the consult she explained her method of organization. Based on this, I am no longer twisting and turning in the mornings because I know exactly where to find all of my relevant work items.

End Result Of My Closet Makeover!!
If you have ever considered working with a personal stylist, but are unsure of the specific benefits, I’m here to tell you it’s 110% worth it. You will save money, get a better understanding of efficient closet organization, obtain insider tips/tricks, and get insight into emerging trends. Having Christina in your corner is simply amazing. My experience with her was very enlightening and I found her to be very warm and professional. I felt comfortable with her throughout the entire experience.

$49.00 per hour (2 hour min) for all services except Personal Shopping
$79.00 per hour for Personal Shopping (3 hour min)

Check out what Christina had to say about this styling session here.

Until next time! xoxo TianShanae

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Food Feature: Morimoto Asia Street Food & Vivoli

Hey Guys,

Disney Springs has been doing it for me lately. From the shopping to the entertainment to the great food, the location just keeps drawing me back! It’s the perfect place to just hang out with family and/or friends on any given day.

With regards to food, I went to check out Morimoto Asia’s street food. This attachment is located just outside the restaurant. When I walked up to the window, I remember thinking to myself: ‘I wish I had known this was here before.’ Reason being, only a few Saturdays ago I was desperately searching Disney Springs for a restaurant that wasn’t pack to the brim with a 45 minute wait-time (I ended up eating at the bar in the T Rex Café). Had I known about the quick bites that Morimoto Asia street food counter had to offer, it would have been an absolute no-brainer. They had a wide variety of food and I wanted to try it all. In the end, I chose to have 

Pork Bao
Spicy mayo, cucumber, lettuce, soft steamed bao buns

Morimoto Baby Ribs 
Pork ribs, cilantro, hoisin sweet chili glaze

Singapore Slush
Yuzu lemonade with kaffir lime vodka

It was all amazing, but the ribs were definitely my fave. They just melted off the bone. Can you say YUM?! 

After that amazing lunch, I went over to Vivoli to try their world-class gelato. Vivoli has been listed on most sites as one of the top ten gelato places to visit in Florence, Italy. After trying their gelato I completely understand why. It is so rich and flavorful and they spend time making sure they select only the right ingredients. All the fruits have to be at the peak of ripeness and all the nuts must be of the same size and quality. 

Next time you visit Disney Springs make sure you check out the two places I have recommended. You won’t be disappointed.

Pork Bao, Morimoto Baby Ribs, Singapore Slush 
Photo provided by Morimoto Asia
Photo provided by Morimoto Asia

Strawberry Gelato

Silvana Vivoli and I  

Silvana Vivoli
Granddaughter of Raphael Vivoli
(one of the company’s founders) Photo provided by Vivoli 
Photo provided by Vivoli

Outfit Details
White Shirt Dress: Zara (similar here/here)  | Gold Sandals: Old
(similar here/here) | Bracelets: BaubleBar

XOXO TianShanae

Thank you Morimoto Asia and Vivoli for this experience. All opinions are my own.

About Disney Springs:
Representing the largest expansion in Downtown Disney history, Disney Springs will be a one-of-a-kind Disney experience, treating guests by day and night to great dining, shopping and entertainment amid beautiful open-air promenades, flowing springs and waterfront charm. With an air of sophisticated grace and design that harkens to Florida’s waterfront towns at the turn-of-the-century, Disney Springs will be home to four distinct, outdoor neighborhoods opening in phases: The Landing, Town Center, Marketplace and West Side. When fully completed in 2016, Disney Springs will double the number of shopping, dining and entertainment venues – from the current 70 to approximately 150. Disney Springs is part of Walt Disney World Resort, the number one family vacation destination in the world, located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Food Feature: STK

Hey Guys!

I hope everyone is doing well. Welcome to another Food Feature! I had the most amazing opportunity to attend a bloggers tasting hosted by STK, Orlando. STK is one of my favorite restaurants, simply because it is SEXY!! The décor in this restaurant is a win in my books. It is chic, modern and I don’t know what’s not to love. In addition to this, the food is great! How often do you find a restaurant that knocks it out of the park in all areas? In my opinion, there are only a few and STK is definitely one of them. 

I fell in LOVE (love at first dine, lol) with STK when I visited the Las Vegas location last year. The ambiance, food and atmosphere were amazing. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I heard one was going to be opened in Orlando (I died!). I immediately started making plans for my birthday dinner later in the year, but that’s another story for another time. Let’s get back on track. The staff prepared a specialized menu for our tasting. We got to try all the appetizers and desserts that were on that menu and we were afforded the opportunity to pick one entree’. Check out my pictures of the menu items below:

Central Florida Lady Blogger Tasting Menu
wagyu beef - special sauce - sesame seed bun
Heirloom Tomato & Watermelon
red chile-honey dressing- dried jack cheese
Shaved Brussel Sprouts
apple - cranberry - aged goat cheese - marcona almonds
My thoughts (appetizers) – I am not a fan of brussel sprouts or watermelon but if you are, I feel like these appetizers were well done and very flavorful. The Lil BRGs were definitely my favorite!

Crispy Mahi Mahi Sandwich
pickled slaw - chili remoulade - potato bun
STK Salad
skirt steak - asian greens - pickled mango - peanuts
Filet Medallion
red wine reduction
Parmesan Truffle Fries
My thoughts (entrée) – This is where I take my hats off to the chef. I asked to have my steak well done and it came out perfect. I have gone to other restaurants and my 'well done' steak comes out like rubber; just way too dry to enjoy.

Bag O' Donuts
dulce de leche filling - spiced chocolate & raspberry sauce
Orange Dream Cheesecake
bruleed oranges - whipped cream
Caramelito Bar
cocoa nib - marshmallow - chocolate bavarian

My thoughts (dessert) – Simply amazing! They provided a little piece of heaven on earth. Just in case you were wondering, the cheesecake was my absolute fave. (but I LOVE cheesecake so I could be biased)

Ginger Mojito
hennessy vs, muddled mint and lime, topped with ginger ale

My thoughts (drinks) – My drink was great! No complaints here.

Dining Area 1

Dining Area 2

The DJ Booth

The Bar

Overall Review

Well, at this point I don’t think it’s a secret. I LOVED every minute of my dining experience and I urge you to give STK a try. You definitely won’t be disappointed. The service is impeccable and the food is great. As for me, I will be back at STK for my birthday.

Central Florida Lady Bloggers
xoxo TianShanae

STK is a unique concept that artfully blends the modern steakhouse and chic lounge into one, offering a dynamic, fine dining experience with the superior quality of a traditional steakhouse. STK distinguishes itself by focusing on the social experience with a sleek, contemporary design and an in-house DJ who creates an infectious, high-energy vibe. The menu features reimagined classic American cuisine with signature dishes like bite-sized Lil’ BRGs made with Wagyu beef, Lobster Mac & Cheese, and, of course, the highest quality steak. STK defines the modern fine dining experience with incredible food, world-class service and the perfect atmosphere. STK has locations in New York City, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, and Milan with additional locations coming soon to cities such as San Diego, Dallas, Denver, Toronto, and Orlando. For more information about STK, please visit

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