Saturday 29 October 2016

Date with a Fashion Stylist

Have you ever thought to yourself: what could a fashion stylist teach me, that I didn’t already know? Well, as I came to find out……… A whole lot!!!!

A few months ago, I met Christina Marsico at an Ann Taylor Loft Event. Being the host of the event, she was giving a presentation on how to transition your summer wardrobe into fall. I found this very informative; especially given that fall is my favorite season. We chatted throughout the event and she explained that she loved to help women shop their wardrobe and pair items that they may not consider combining as an outfit. At this point I was sold and immediately knew I needed to hear more. That’s how we set a date for my initial consultation.

My consultation came at the right time. It was the weekend right before I started my new job. As such, I wanted to tailor my session to figure out work outfits for the next few months. 

The session started with a questionnaire to help both Christina and myself 1) determine and 2) understand my style. After obtaining a better understanding, we then went to take look at my closet. This is when the fun happens. She pulled all the pieces that she thought were work-appropriate and placed them on the bed. Then she removed all the things that were either ill fitting or not entirely suitable based on color. Then came the try on session! This is where I tried on several different combinations of her recommended work-appropriate items. It’s during this portion of the styling session that I learnt several things.

1. Underwear - You need a proper bra! I have never had a great fitting bra and honestly I just told myself that I never would. However, Christina assured me that this was not normal and recommended someone who would find me the perfect fit.

2. Shoes – Now, I have a love-hate relationship with shoes and that is clearly reflected in how many I own. I stick with what I know works and don’t bother to give myself headaches to spend money on shoes I never wear. I have VERY narrow and extremely flat feet, so finding comfortable shoes that fit is just simply a nightmare. To rectify this, Christina sent me a list of brands that are suited for women with narrow feet. Lets just say that I am now looking forward to picking up some new shoes to add to my wardrobe.

3. Tops – I honestly never knew that most of my tops were either too long or too big. Christina gave me awesome tips to prevent me from repeating these mistakes.

4. Pants – She pointed out that I needed to have proper fitting trousers for work and depend less on riding-style pants. She also made recommendations on brands to stay away from and brands that I should definitely try. Another great thing about the post-session experience is that she doesn’t leave you hanging to find these items on your own. She has (and provides) connections within the local industry that will aid you in finding your proper fit.

5. Shopping your wardrobe – for my specific needs, this was potentially the most important part of the whole experience. I have never had a job that required a corporate style of dress; it has always been business causal. I honestly never wanted to go out and buy all new clothes. I just really wanted to utilize what was already in my existing wardrobe and fill in any missing items. Christina assisted me in creating 19 viable work outfits from my existing wardrobe. Can you say ‘cost savings’???

6. Closet Organization – Christina will organize your closet in a way that works well for your everyday life. After she was complete with this section of the consult she explained her method of organization. Based on this, I am no longer twisting and turning in the mornings because I know exactly where to find all of my relevant work items.

End Result Of My Closet Makeover!!
If you have ever considered working with a personal stylist, but are unsure of the specific benefits, I’m here to tell you it’s 110% worth it. You will save money, get a better understanding of efficient closet organization, obtain insider tips/tricks, and get insight into emerging trends. Having Christina in your corner is simply amazing. My experience with her was very enlightening and I found her to be very warm and professional. I felt comfortable with her throughout the entire experience.

$49.00 per hour (2 hour min) for all services except Personal Shopping
$79.00 per hour for Personal Shopping (3 hour min)

Check out what Christina had to say about this styling session here.

Until next time! xoxo TianShanae

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