Wednesday 24 October 2018

Black Widow | Halloween Cocktail

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Hey Guys,

I have been testing out some cocktails, with the sole intentions of impressing my friends on Halloween. Who doesn’t want their friends to think that they are an awesome mixologist?! So, I started with my basic research through Pinterest (obvi) and came up with a drink that only required two ingredients; cranberry juice and vodka. Can you say sold?! The wow factor to this drink was the combination of black vodka floating on cranberry juice (see image here).

I would like to say, however, that I COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FAILED at recreating this drink for two main reasons.
1. The drink required black vodka and, upon doing my research, I came across two ways to create my own. The first was to add food coloring to the vodka, but the drawback was that the food coloring eventually separates from the vodka over time. The second option, which I opted for, was to soak black rice in vodka. This would give the vodka the desired color permanently. I got more of a deep-deep red color, which I would have totally been fine with. What the Internet didn’t state is that my drink would taste like rice water! OMG it was sooooo disgusting…

2. I was not able to achieve the floating-vodka-on-cranberry-juice effect; even though I very 
carefully, used a spoon.

Black Widow Cocktail Recipe:
2 oz Black Vodka
3 oz Cranberry Juice

Pro Tip:
Buy the black vodka (purchase here)

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Until next time guys, thanks for reading
xoxo TianShanae

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