Monday 8 April 2013

For the love of a bag

Hi Guys!!

So today I’ve decided to share with the world, the latest addition to my collection of what I consider to be my babies – my handbags!! I honestly believe I have found a new love … yay me *big grin*.

An obsession that started awhile back, when I first laid eyes on this bag, I thought it to be the perfect piece for spring/summer. Upon tracking it down however, there were major setbacks in acquiring this piece. First being the price (the cost for this product was $398). Having given it much thought, I considered the price to be a bit steep for my pockets, and whilst I have no problem paying for items that are of great quality, I could not overlook the fact that this was still a PINK bag. Of all the colours that could possibly have caught my eye. The then thought was that it's not the most practical bag there is and my best friend kept reminding me of this fact as she had to listen to my incessant chatter about this “oh-so amazing” bag. For her, I had a new obsession with each passing week. This amused her each time.

Any who, after weeks of looking I finally saw it on Neiman Marcus’ website for the sale price of $266 which was a MUCH better price however, I still felt guilty for wanting to spend that much. Being the person that I am, I couldn't control myself and finally made up my mind to make the purchase, only to then realize that it was SOLD OUT!! To my dismay, this item that I’ve been wanting for so long was sold out in every major department store I could possibly think of. After a day of depression, my thought was that God just didn’t think I needed this bag even though I strongly disagreed!!

Well …this past Saturday (06/04) loves, a box showed up at my door with the lovely bag I’d been chasing down for weeks! It turns out that my wonderful bestie hunted down the bag and had it shipped to my home, and here I was thinking that I was the resourceful one. I was super excited, and still am to this second for having received the most amazing item ever. I HAVE A NEW BABY, Lolol!!

At this point, I would like to take the time out to acknowledge this small but well thought out gesture, and to say a big “Thank You” to such a wonderful friend!! J

I now introduce you all to, and share with you, images of my new baby … the Kate Spade "Charlotte Street Sylvie" in the colour Snapdragon.

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  1. oh I am always taking care of my bags like they are my babies...and I definitely would if I owned the KS one above! Gosh that pink is just stunning!



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