Monday 5 December 2011

Shellac Nail Polish

Hey Guys,

I came across a relatively new product the other day that I thought I’d share with you. Mind you, I haven’t tried it for myself as yet, but based on the raving reviews, my curiosity has been heightened and I figure I may just get myself a sample this weekend. So the infamous product that has me super excited is Shellac Nail Polish. Now Shellac has been noted to be in high demand throughout all of 2010 and 2011, and is used by some if not most celebs. What makes it so popular you might ask, and why am I so interested in it? Well Shellac Nail Polish, is said to last all of fourteen (14) days without losing its lustre/shine, nor does it break, chip, or smudge. Now if you are like me, in that you love to see colours on your nails, however, you become disappointed once they start to chip, and then have to put up with the lengthy process of having to remove it, this ought to be the product for us to use. I don’t know about you, but often times I get frustrated and refrain from polishing my nails for this very same reason. I don’t want to polish today and absolutely love it, and within two or three days, that awesomeness disappears. 

Separate and apart from its appearance on your fingers, Shellac Nail Polish is known to grow one’s natural nail resulting in reduced requests for a full set of gel and acrylic application in a nail salon. Point to note, a lot of women add acrylic to their nails in an effort to have their nail polish last longer, as well as grow their own nail. So most naturally, my hearing of Shellac Nail Polish is wonderful news, especially now given the state of the economy and persons having to distinguish between needs and wants in terms of their spend. This polish is evidently a money saver! It promises less visits to the salon, as well as less money spent on getting nails done. If you do your nails at home, do not feel left out. For you, Shellac promotes savings in terms of the funds spent on obtaining nail products, as well as time. One polishes every two weeks as opposed to every week. I don’t know about you, but for me that’s amazing! 

Well guys, after reading all the fantastic reviews on this polish, I must say I was sold, Lol! After all, what other polish promises a great colour selection, lasting results, quick dry time, and absolutely no chips or smudges? I can’t wait to see the varying colours on display at the salon this weekend. So said, as they have a host of colours from which to choose, giving one the ability to derive new colours through the layering of multiple colours. I’m still going through my pink phase, so I may just try the Shellac Nail Polish Beau or Iced Coral, and some other colour, not sure which just yet. Did I say I was super excited about this product? Well, I am! I promise to give you all an update on my personal review of the product after use. 

Need help applying Shellac Nail Polish? Below I share with you, a step by step guide on the process. I hope this helps! 

Step 1: File Nails into Shape 

Step 2: Remove Cuticles off the Nails 

Step 3: Apply a Layer of Base Gel (Shellac Base Gel Supplies) 

Step 4: Cure each hand for ten (10) seconds (Shellac UV Lamps) 

Step 5: Apply 1st Layer of Shellac 

Step 6: Cure each hand for two (2) minutes 

Step 7: Apply 2nd layer of Shellac 

Step 8: Cure each hand for two (2) minutes 

Step 9: Apply Top Coat 

Step 10: Cure each hand for two (2) minutes 

Step 11: Wipe each nail with Alcohol to Remove Sticky Film

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  1. I think it does make my nails grow faster but that's kind of a con to the product cuz even though it stays in tact u can see the obvious growth at the cuticle. Still love it tho.

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