Sunday 4 December 2011

Girls Night Out!!!

Hey Guys, 

Last Thursday, I was invited to attend Girls’ Night with Amelia. I was pretty excited about this outing, as I tend to be home a lot since my move to Orlando a few months ago, and haven’t made any new friends as yet. Girls' Night is a series of events, hosted by Amelia’s friend, held every Thursday night. Last Thursday (30/11) in particular, the menu comprised of: apples and caramel dip, veggies and cheese with a ranch dip, popcorn shrimp, pigs in a blanket and pumpkin bread (all this we made as a group as our activity for the night). Oh….. and how could I forget? We had lots and lots of wine to drink ;) lol. I must say i thoroughly enjoyed myself. I had so much fun. It's almost like I had forgotten what it was like to hang with a group of girls, drink a glass of wine and talk about the many evils of the world.

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