Sunday 6 November 2011

What's in your Mailbox Pt.2

Hey Guys,

For those regular viewers of my blog, you would have been cognizant of the fact that as a hobby, I often times sign up for free stuff in the mail. I recall sharing with you all, my anxiety in receiving those outstanding items that i had signed up for and was yet to receive. Below I share with you a list, and of course, images of a few free items I've received via mail over the past two (2) months.

Crest Tooth Paste and Scope Mouthwash
Strivectin Neck Cream 
Shout Wipes
Downy Unstoppables
Axe Spiking Glue
Kleenex Tissue
Target Beauty Bag
Olay Pro X Clear

I am still very much elated to this day, each time I visit the mailbox, only to see the many free items that await me from each respective supplier. Have you guys considered or signed up for free items since my last post? If so, what's your take on it all?

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