Wednesday 24 August 2011

Out of State Weekend

Hey Guys, it’s me again :) 

So last Thursday I left sunny Orlando and headed to the much cooler state of Pennsylvania, the Poconos to be exact, to join in the celebration of PJ’s and Amelia’s nuptials. Prior to my trip, PJ had given me a heads up on the “what’s” and “what not’s” to expect on this venture. His exact words were that it was mountainous, and would remind me of what us Jamaicans commonly refer to as “country”. Upon arrival to Allentown, Pennsylvania after a series of flight delays of course, I was intrigued to say the least, by that which I saw. The Poconos did not just remind me of home, I actually felt quite at home, with all the mountains, hills and valleys. That which felt unfamiliar to me however, was the woods. This I was advised was home to many living creatures foreign to me. Within those brushes lurked the likes of mountain lions and bears. Imagine my horror upon hearing such news. 

On Friday I visited “The Crossing”, an outlet mall with PJ’s sister, after which we were picked up by the bride to be. This is so that we could assist with last minute wedding errands. After what I consider to be a rather long day, we headed to the rehearsal followed by dinner. 

On Saturday I was a bit nervous Not only was it the actual day of the wedding, but my mom was coming to visit and to say she was running late would be putting it mildly. This led to me freaking out, because we (Jason and I), needed to leave the house at two that afternoon, to be on time for the wedding at four. Easing all anxiety, she eventually got there at about midday, and stayed until I was ready to leave out for the wedding. Boy was I happy to see her! I hadn’t seen my mom in about four months and to me she looked so cute with her little pixie hair cut. 


So here it was, the moment we had all been waiting for. PJ and Amelia’s wedding. It was a splendid event to say the least. Well orchestrated, and this showed in the end product. I was fascinated not only by the choice of colours, but the reception hall in its entirety. To me it gave the reception character in the sense that it gave off an old romantic feel, with the exposed wooden beans in the ceiling. 

On Sunday Jason and I headed back to Orlando but our flight out of Newark airport was delayed. Imagine my frustration! I had to be sitting in that airport for roughly three hours before there was any form of movement. By the time we got to the gate for our connecting flight, we were informed that the flight had already closed. Jason literally had the “fan down” the plane like how you’d normally fan down a taxi or bus indicating for it to stop. He eventually caught the attention of the pilots. Soon after, we both, alongside several other passengers, were allowed on board. This I can now look at after the fact and laugh my head off. All in all it was a fun and eventful weekend. 

What did your weekend entail? Please don’t forget to comment or click that like button, until next time guys thx for reading.

Before heading off to the airport

On the shuttle heading to my gate

The trees in PJ's backyard

The Deck

PJ's sister and I

Mommy and I

Me before the wedding

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  1. This was a good one T! Lol @ fanning down the plane. Mommy looks sooo cute *tears*


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