Monday 13 January 2020

10 Most Loved Products of 2019

1. Pearl Bag | 2. Dior Lip Sugar Scrub | 3. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation - 520 Sue W | 4. Kate Spade New York Spade Stud Earrings | 5. Google Home Mini - Chalk | 6. MARC JACOBS Daisy Love Perfume | 7. FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna - Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick - Flamingo Acid | 8. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First-Class Life by Denise Duffield-Thomas | 9. Summer Fridays - Jet Lag Mask | 10. Hermes Clic H White Metal Bracelets
Hey Guys,

Today I am sharing my favorite products of 2019. All of these products were on repeat all of last year. Without further adieu, let’s get started.

I have carried this bag to death! Especially during the spring and summer months. It just seems to complement most of my outfits well.

Of all the lip scrubs I have tried, this is truly my fave. I love it so much, I actually wear it as my regular ‘go-to’ lip-gloss.

This foundation is not new to the market by any means but I decided to give it a try in 2019 and I love it! It’s has been my main go to foundation all of last year.

I picked these up in February of last year and they have been my everyday earrings since

What would getting ready for the day without google be like? When I am getting ready I am constantly asking google the time, temperature and everything in between.

A beautiful sweet floral scent. It just smells so good!

Hands down favorite lip color of the year! For all my dark skin ladies, try it and thank me later. You won’t be disappointed.
ps. Did I mention you don’t need a lipliner?…….

I love this book, it’s an excellent motivational tool based on the "Law of Attraction” that focuses on money. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to make a financial change in their life.

This ultra-hydrating facial mask helps to moisturize dry, dull skin. This is one of my favorite masks to apply at night.

I bought this bracelet in 2017 but I rediscovered my love for it last year. I was never seen without it. 

Until next time guys, thanks for reading.



  1. I always enjoy learning what people love the most at the end of a month or year. It's good, because it gives them a decent amount of time to really test a product or read a book or whatever the case may be. So neat to hear what you loved the most in 2019!

  2. Ok, I had no idea that Rhianna did a makeup line. Ha! But I do love that lipstick. Great color!!

  3. A couple of these things I own and the rest I either know someone else who owns it or I've seen someone mention/show it on Youtube or Instagram

  4. All of these products are so great! No wonder these are the top products for 2019!

  5. I LOVE that Dior lip scrub! I use it all the time, especially in the winter!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. So interesting seeing your favorite products! That Hermes bracelet is a classic and I have a pearl bag that I wear a ton too!

  7. Such a great round up! I really need to try that Dior lip scrub. I'm always hearing such amazing things about it!

  8. I love the end of the year roundups such as this! It’s always so insightful and raw, because it gives time for the individual to TRULY test out the products and provide authentic, long-term feedback! Thanks for all these recommendations 😊
    Xx, Morgs*


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