Thursday 25 April 2019

What to Do and Eat in Bimini

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In my last post I told you that I would be giving you all the details on what I did while in Bimini and, today, I am here to deliver.

What to do:

Visit the Gallant Lady Shipwreck – On our first day in Bimini, we set out to familiarize ourselves with the island. We rented our golf cart and headed out to explore North Bimini, which is only 700-feet wide and seven-miles long. Seeing the Gallant Lady shipwreck was on the top of our list. It is said that the Gallant Lady was a small freighter that sailed out of Belize City and was smashed up on shore during Hurricane Mitch in 1997.

Snorkel at SS Sapona Shipwreck - For our day-two adventure, we travelled by catamaran approximately three miles south of North Bimini and snorkeled the skeletal remains of Bimini’s most famous shipwreck. The SS Sapona was a WWI-era concrete and steel ship, that wrecked in 1926 and was used until 1945 as military target practice by the U.S. Army Air Force and Navy. 

Dive with the sharks at Bimini Bull Run – In the afternoon, we decided to dive with BULL SHARKS. This is probably the most adventurous thing I will ever do in my life! Bimini Bull Run, which is located at Big Game Club Marina, features a dock-side dive cage that I ‘think’ is safe (based on my limited experience). The bull sharks are pretty large and swim all around the cage. This was definitely one of the coolest experiences I have had in my life and you can definitely do it, even without being able to swim. 

Where to eat:

Stuart Conch Salad Stand – No trip to the Bahamas is complete without trying conch salad and, since Bimini is considered part of the Bahamas, this particular island was no exception. Stuart’s was one of two conch stands that came highly recommended. We ultimately chose Stuart’s in order to try their famous rum punch and we definitely weren’t disappointed. 

Edith’s Pizza and Restaurant – This pizza restaurant is another eatery that came highly recommended. Edith’s pizza is baked on sweet Bimini bread dough. 

CJ’s Deli – This is a local breakfast spot that was recommended to us when we decided we had no intentions of spending $30 USD pp on breakfast at our resort. After a few inquiries as to where we could get an affordable Bimini breakfast, CJ’s deli turned out to be the winning suggestion. This breakfast spot is located right by the beach, which is so beautiful, peaceful and serene. The breakfast is also a good bang for your buck.

Luna Beach Club – This was my favorite restaurant of the trip! The food was amazing and the backdrop of the sun setting was to die for. I had Curry Bahamian Grouper served with Coconut Rice and Fried Plantains and I enjoyed every bit of it. 

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