Sunday 30 July 2017

Flying Business Class For The First Time

Hey Guys,

Here is something about me that only my close friends know. I am deathly afraid of flying and I have terrible anxiety even just thinking about it. However, I never want my fears to keep me from living my life so I try to overcome them every time I need to step foot on a plane. With that said, I knew I needed to fly business class when I decided to go to Barcelona for my summer vacation. There was just absolutely no way I was going to feel comfortable in an economy seat for 9 hrs.

I must say, Business Class exceeded my expectations and opened my eyes to the world of luxury on another level. The service and comfort were just simply unbelievable.

(Before I go any further let me apologize in advance for my photos as they were taken with my phone, so the quality is not the greatest. I hope they will provide some insight.)

My Flight

06.09.17 MIA – BCN 06:15pm – 09:15am AA112
Boeing 777-200 | Business


Flying business class allows you access to lavish airport lounges. These lounges can differ quite a bit, depending on the city you are flying out of and the airline you are flying on. We had access to the American Airlines Admiral Club Lounge, which was located somewhere along concourse D.
The lounge was nicer than I expected, as it had recently been remodeled. I wasn’t completely blown away, but it was nice to have somewhere a little more comfy to wait until we boarded our flight. We got complimentary wi-fi, two premium drink tickets each (note: bottled water is considered a premium drink) and light snacks such as soup, guacamole & chips and pastries. Food was available for purchase but I opted for Wendy’s instead 😊. 


I sat in seat 4d and my husband sat in 4h directly beside me. The seats reminded me of pods. It was almost like having your own little mini pod to sit and lounge in. The lay-flat seats allowed for absolute comfort on the plane and afforded us the opportunity to get some much-needed sleep. We were also provided bose noise-cancelling headsets and a touch screen remote to control the display. When I arrived at my seat, there were also pillows, a blanket and a Cole Haan amenity kit, which included the following:
· Socks
· Pen
· Sleeping mask
· Headphone Covers
· Ear plugs
· Dental kit (Crest toothpaste & toothbrush)
· C.O. Bigelow Refreshing travel kit (lotion, lip balm & mouthwash)
· Tissues
· C.O. Bigelow 20% off coupon

The seats offered lots of storage so there was plenty of space for my shoes and any other knick-knacks I had with me.

Service and Food

Both the service and the food was Five Star. Once we got seated, we were offered a welcome drink; your choice of champagne, water or juice. I chose champagne of course (while hearing my Mother’s voice in my head saying: “TIAN, don’t drink”). This was followed by a warm towel to cleanse your hands, which was followed by another drink and warmed nuts. Shortly after that, they commenced the dinner service

Small Plate
Quinoa Mango Vegetable Timbale
wasabi mayonnaise, pickled ginger, cilantro

Super Green Salad
blood oranges, radish, pumpkin seed, popped quinoa

Main Course
Korean Braise Short Ribs
brown basmati rice, kimchi, bulgogi sauce

Raspberry Tart
almond cream custard, glazed raspberry, butter crust

I watched two movies, got a few hours of sleep and woke up just in time for breakfast

Traditional American Breakfast
scrambled eggs, canadian bacon, roasted potatoes

Served with warm bread and a beverage of your choice 

I arrived in Barcelona feeling refreshed and well rested, not to mention I was full from all the food I ate.

Is it worth it? 
This was the best flight I have ever had in my life. So yes! Its worth every penny and I can’t wait to do it again.

Guys, there are tips and tricks that make business class more affordable and in some cases free. If you would like to know how I afforded my business class ticket for half the price of an economy ticket please type yes in the comments below and I will gladly put together a blog post detailing my steps.

Until next time guys, thanks for reading!! 

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