Monday 25 January 2016


What a Get-Away!!!

Hey Guys,

Rockhouse is located in one of the most beautiful locations, on the cliffs of Negril; bluer waters I doubt you could find. Another sight for sore eyes visit on my recent trip back home and I strongly recommend that you all get there some day if you haven’t already done so. Growing up I have always been told that many individuals are born and raised and have never ventured to Negril given its distance from the country’s capital. Now aided by a highway, the journey has now shortened and again I implore you all to make this visit. Highlights from this trip include:
· A courteous staff
· Exceptional customer service
· A1 food quality
· A rustic theme/vibe
· Superb surroundings (especially this one restaurant with a view like no other)

I also had the opportunity to sport my most essential travel piece this entire trip. That is, the “Pelican” cover up by local designer Jae Jolly (buy Jamaican, build Jamaica). This piece is absolutely gorgeous and had me feeling myself the entire time. I look forward to sporting more of her pieces as they are indeed one of kind and truly unique IN MY OPINION. Photo diary included below.

xoxo TianShanae

Mini Bar


Outdoor Shower

View of the restaurant 

View from the restaurant

Lunch: Grilled Jerk Calamari, Coconut Chicken /w Pineapple Relish and Rice and Peas

Quick stop at Rick's Cafe to watch the sunset


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