Sunday 10 January 2016

I'm Back!!!!

Hey Guys! 

Typically I’d start with “Sorry, I haven’t graced my pages in a while”, “My apologies for being missing”, etc. However, I have decided not to start on that note. Instead, I would like to say Happy 2016 to you all and wish for you all, your heart’s desire for the upcoming year. Here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on with me since I last made a post: 1) I got my real estate license 2) I chose Keller Williams Advantage Realty II to be my brokerage, and 3) I have changed the look and feel of my blog. As you would imagine, growing a business can be a bit time consuming hence my absence. I have however, made a conscious decision to make at least 2 blog posts per week, amongst other activities in an effort to maintain a proper work life balance. The objective of this blog is to share my passion for both real estate and fashion in a way that excites you as much as it excites me. Hope you will stick around to watch me grow into the person I was meant to be. 

 xoxo TianShanae


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