Thursday 6 September 2012

Food Feature: Keke's Breakfast Cafe

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

The name Keke’s Breakfast Café has been creating a buzz for some time now and of course, hearing about it constantly, made me want to try it. My first attempt at doing so was during the Easter holidays when my sister Renee had visited. However, all efforts to do so had proven futile as the wait time was ridiculous due to lengthy lines. At that time, we had gone to the Mall at Millennia location, but little did I know, I almost cheated myself out of an experience because there was another located right in my “backyard”, Lol! The other was in Waterford Lakes, which is relatively close to home. Having made that discovery, Jason and I decided to give it a whirl last Saturday in the morn for breakfast.

After months of waiting, I finally got to eat there, and most naturally I got excited about it. My smile would soon turn into a frown, because I was not blown away by this experience. Not in the least bit! Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not laying blame on the restaurant itself, as there are varying factors that aided my conclusion. So let’s summate my experience.

Jason and I got there at approximately 10:30am, and sure enough, there were a number of people waiting to be seated. For a moment I thought to myself, “Not Again, SMH!” We got seated about fifteen minutes later, which in all honesty wasn’t bad, and might I add, the hostess that had taken our names was very polite. That of course was a thumb up! Upon entering, the décor was nothing I had expected. I expected more of a café vibe based on the name; however, that was definitely not the case. We got seated to the back of the restaurant, close enough to the kitchen. This for me was all fine and dandy. Surprisingly, I never minded. Our server came right away, introduced himself and handed us our menu.

The menu started out with their waffles. There were a few specialty ones that I wanted to try, but they weren’t served with anything and for that very reason was a bit pricey in my opinion (US$8-US$10). Having gone through the menu in its entirety, I decided to order their combo. I felt it was a better deal when compared to other items on the menu. It would cost me the same US$10, and I’d receive a serving of bacon and eggs. Smart choice! *twirls*. This however, may have been a huge mistake on my part. There was nothing out of the ordinary about my meal; it was pretty basic for lack of a better word. All I can remember thinking to myself was “where’s all the added stuff?! I could do this at home!” Maybe if I had ordered a specialty item of the menu, I would have had a better experience, who knows? I’d probably have some sparkling candles protruding from my pancakes, extra whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries … SOMETHING! Lolol, I crack myself up!

Jason on the other hand, he decided to get a Southwest Omelet (tomato, onion, jalapeno and pepper jack cheese) served with home fries and toast, all for US$9.99. It is my opinion, that this meal too had nothing special about it. It was nothing that we couldn’t have done at home ourselves, and of course I am still trying to figure out what made it a southwest omelet, as I’m not quite sure. All in all, I felt like this was just an okay experience. Where was all the fanciness?! Who knows, maybe my expectations were too high, and when they weren’t met I was left with the feeling of disappointment. I ought to try the one at Mall at Millennia. Just to see if the turnout would be the same. If I do, I’ll be sure to do an updated feature for you guys.

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