Sunday 5 August 2012

When You're Here, You're Family

Hi Guys!!

How has your weekend been thus far? I personally can’t believe it’s already over *bawls*

Don’t you just love reconnecting with people from your past?! I don’t know about you, but I know I sure do. On Wednesday off last week I had a chance to hang out with an old friend of mine from high school. I was uber excited because I hadn’t seen Mariysa in what seems to be forever. It was the perfect opportunity for me to see what she had been up to since we had last seen or spoken to each other. Prior to leaving the house, I recall mentioning to Jason that Mariysa was my best friend in English class, Lol! This was somewhat an unofficial title that we had given each other, which stuck with me.

On route to our meeting destination, I wondered if she even remembered all this stuff. Sure enough at dinner, I got the answer to that very question or thought, when she finally mentioned it!! *big sigh of relief* It turns out I was not the only one holding on to this memory from high school. As we sat there in Olive Gardens eating, reminiscing on old times and catching up on that’s which we have encountered in our new lives, it felt like no time had pass between us and we were back in English class once again, talking and sharing secrets whilst preparing for CXC.

All in all, it was great seeing Mariysa once again. I never thought in a million years that I would, and the moment I did, I enjoyed every moment of our get together. From this, I leave with you this thought. ‘Live your life well and treat the people in your life with love, such that when you see them again, you can look back and there will be nothing but fun memories’.

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