Tuesday 19 June 2012

My Trip to Jamaica

Hey Guys,
Since moving to the US, there have been numerous instances in which I’ve envisioned my return home. I missed the many familiar faces, island parties, white sand beaches, and just the fun pars with a few of my favourite peeps just to name a few. About a month ago, the opportunity presented itself for me to visit my beautiful island Jamaica, however, at that moment, it was for a less than glamorous reason. This reiterates the fact that not all in life is goes as planned, but hey, what to do but ‘go with the flow and hope for the best’. That’s been my motto, and it appears to have been working ever since. The decision was made to take the trip as avery ‘near and dear’ family member of mine was ill, and had to do surgery. How sad was that?! *sighs*

Having gotten over the initial shock, frustration, and depression over the entire situation, I must say, the trip turned out not to be such a bad one afterall. I got to spend the time with my ailing family member who is now doing much better might I add, as well as find time enjoy the some of the amazing amenities back home had to offer. For a moment there, I felt like a tourist in my own country being treated and chauffeured by all. (Lol, I am sure they will all kill me when they see this line) *grins*

I had taken a few snapshots of the trip that I thought I’d share with you. Hope you enjoy!!

View from the top!! I was almost back at the place I call home; my little island Jamaica.

Keeping Renee’s company whilst she worked in St. Mary. The scenery was breath taking!!

The newly opened South Beach Bar & Grill w/Renee’ and Racquel

The Spanish Court Hotel w/Nickie after hunting down Lychee cake for days!!

Pita Grill w/Renee’ for breakfast, t’was great – that egg & plantain wrap was boss; helping Nickie fill her Pandora bracelet; The purchase of my mom’s Mother’s DayGift; hunting for cake AGAIN at Spanish Court – delish!

At the hair salon w/Renee who had just gotten her hair cut. It was gorge!!

Fort Clarence Beach w/Nickie and Racquel. I missed it here; this was once my Sunday ‘getaway’ spot!

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