Wednesday 4 January 2012

Winter Faves

Hey Guys,

Now some of you may recall a post of mine some time ago, highlighting a few items I deemed my "Summer Faves". I still do consider each and every one of them remarkable and am still kind of excited at the mere thought of using them (call me crazy - I know!). Anywho, based on the feedback received from you, my lovely readers, I have decided to share with you all, a few more items I hold very near and dear to me since this past season. Let’s call them my “Winter Faves”. Below you will see a listing of these items, which I absolutely adore, and just can’t live without.

Michael Kors Logo Print Signature Tote, Vanilla – This was a gift received from Jason this past Christmas, and I don’t think I can truly express in words how much in love I have been. I swear this bag goes with everything! I just never feel the need to change it. As such, it has now become a great everyday bag.

iPad2 – Now this device I must say I CANNOT live without. My precious tablet! It really does run as fast as a computer and weigh less than a newspaper. I use it for pretty much everything and it never fails. My iPad2 keeps me fully entertained at all times, whether it is with the books I am reading, the blogs I am following, news, games, etc. (THX BESTIE!! ;))

Cozy Socks – It has been really cold in Florida and evidently my mother had a sixth sense about this. So said, as she sent me four (4) of these socks and they help keep my little “toesy-wosy’s” warm and toasty.

Maybelline’s Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara – I recently discovered this mascara and believe me when I say I have fallen completely in LOVE with it. I believe the heart-shaped wand and the formula is absolutely amazing!

My New Note Book – Now this I use to jot down my thoughts and ideas I may have pertaining to my blog. Now you may wonder why this is, when she already has an iPad. The funny thing is, I am a “writer” for lack of a better word, and even though this can be done on my iPad, I still rather put pen to paper!

Now that I've clued you in on some more of my favourite items, I hope you enjoy using each product as much as I do. Feel free to leave a comment and share with me, the products you deem most intriguing, and a must-have. 

Please don't forget to comment and/or click that like button. Until next time guys, thanks for reading!!



  1. Look at the girl who seemingly use to hate the thought of English class in High School, now she is announcing the fact that she has grown to become "a writer". Proud of you girlie continue putting that pen to paper, awesome!!!

  2. I love that MK bag! I've been meaning to get one for myself. The mascara is awesome too, coincidently I just discovered it too even though it's been out forever. I had been using Lash Stiletto but this class is possibly better. Good luck on all of your writing, you are right that there's nothing like putting good old pen to good old paper!

  3. ahh cute! i love all these snapshots into your favs! i hope you have a great weekend :)

    love from San Francisco,


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