Monday 23 January 2012

Blue Martini

Hey Guys,

So despite my aversion or dislike for clubbing as a social activity, I decided to visit The Blue Martini Lounge. The basis on which this choice was made is that everyone had a GREAT interest in going, and I no longer wanted to be thought of as the "party pooper" (This I most certainly am, and I proudly live up to the name – Lol, just kidding! – But I can be at times). It’s not just yesterday that they have been trying to “draw me out”. This of course was how I was supposed to ring in my birthday in October of last year, and even then, it would have been the third week they all attempted to drag me along for the experience.

Blue Martini is supposedly one of Orlando's hot spots, it being a night club and premier live entertainment bar/Martini Lounge, housing the most sought after bands, artistes, and DJ's. This begs me to ask the question, sought after by whom? Now there was a toss-up earlier as to which night would have been the better night to have gone. Whether Friday or Saturday. As a group, the decision was made to attend on Friday night. Now I don't know if we had chosen the wrong night, but I can tell you that our "fun night out", had equated to the biggest epic fail ever. You want to know my thoughts on it all? I am torn between confusion and amazement. I was amazed at the crowd, comprised mainly of older folks, and most definitely cougars. I swear we were probably the youngest of all patrons in the then jam-packed room/lounge. They were all gyrating and carrying on to none other than techno music!! *screams*

I was intrigued, but also confused by those I consider the elderly, and their behaviour. They were on top of tables, all over each other, forming conga lines, drinking their lives away and just having a ball. This was all just too much for me. It actually made me stop for a second to think, “Am I the only one on planet earth that never knew how to have fun?” Of course I was brought back to reality when I realised that we were all of the same mind-set. A lot of the men there were perverts. They were like vultures, waiting for a female to pass, so their hand could land up her dress. There was a guy who basically circled us the entire night. How could I even forget to mention that fact? He freaked the living “bejesus” out of me, Lolol (I clearly crack myself up). This place in and of itself was weird.

Back home should I consider going to a club; I'm entertained by a variety of music. Whether dancehall, reggae, techno, or soca which I dislike. Either way, there is a little bit of something for everybody, such that no one is left dissatisfied at the end of the night. Don't get me wrong, I believe each "spot" has a following of their own, however, this one, simply put was not for me. Maybe it's where I'm from, maybe it's my personal taste in music, maybe it's the crowd that I'm used to, but I TianShanae was not feeling it at all. In the end, we all left, thankful that it was over, but filled with laughter going over the night’s events amongst ourselves. They say variety is the spice of life, and I agree to some extent, but let's just say this is one trip I shan't be making again, Lolol!

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