Thursday 27 October 2011

My First Bowling Experience

Hey Guys,

So Oktoberfest was really fun, and having gone, there was the vibe and sudden urge to do something that would keep us all entertained throughout the night. With that said, Nickie, Jason and I decided to pay Firkin Kegler a visit. Now Firkin Kegler is a Family Entertainment Centre here in Orlando. I sum it up as a gaming arcade and restaurant in a single location, similar to Coco Jam back home to some extent (except that this arcade was built for family entertainment, as opposed to just kids).

I had gone there once before for dinner, however, I never saw the arcade or bowling alley on that trip, as the restaurant where I had dined, is to the front of the building. So just imagine my surprise when I entered a well lit room considered to be a 32-lane bowling centre comprised of a host of really big screen TVs, and fascinating decor. These screens were approximately 22ft, each covering four (4) lanes. All that could have escaped my mouth at the time was "WOW". Now I don't mean to sound like a "Frighten Friday" as we would say back in my home country, but I had never gone bowling before so I really didn't know what to expect of the place really.

We all knew absolutely NOTHING as it relates to bowling, however, we decided to make that plunge, and signed up for our first game ever. We jumped in head first as a group, and prayed that we didn't make a mockery of ourselves in the then crowded bowling alley. As usual Jason caught on in no time *rolls eyes*, and lets just say it took both Nickie and I, a much longer time to get the hang of the game. Irregardless of this fact, we all had a blast, more so the second time around. We cheered each other on when either one of us did well, and in good spirits laughed in the instance we thought the other was being silly. All in all it was a great experience and lots of fun.

Bowling is a great alternative to the movies or going out to eat on the weekend. It's an activity I plan to engage in a whole lot more as I believe it simple, entertaining and suits my personality. Have you guys ever gone bowling? What was your experience like? If you haven't gone, do you believe I've persuaded you all into trying it out? Lol, I think you should. Test it out, and have me know your views. Share in my experience, from the pictures posted below.

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  1. i love bowling, but i am SO bad at it. except when i have a few drinks in my system! ;)

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