Saturday 8 October 2011

Another Year of Fabulous Pt. 1

Hey Guys!

As I'd previously mentioned, last Sunday, October 2nd would have been my birthday and boy was I surprised. It was very evident that Jason and Nickie had been planning for quite sometime and on the actual day, they really outdid themselves. I woke on what I considered to be a regular Sunday morning, did my morning routine and got ready to head downstairs. However, this morning would be different. Upon opening the door, I was greeted by a sheet of paper sitting in a blue folding chair which read “stay upstairs followed by an angry face”. 

My initial thought was "Really guys? Like seriously!". CONFUSED, I quickly yelled from the top of the staircase “I am coming down now” only to hear the loudest "NOOOOOOO" echoing through the house. I immediately saw two bodies and four feet running towards me as if I was on a football field about to be tackled. I was horrified! What the hell was going on here?! 

I was later informed that there is no way I could leave my room, I wouldn't be able to do so until 10:15 a.m. Can you imagine the look on my face when being told this at 7:30 a.m.? I really was not amused to say the least. After what seemed like forever and a year tucked away in my room with nothing to do, it was time to head downstairs. I got to the end of the stairway and made an immediate left, with all intentions of entering the living room, not knowing that I'd stumble upon a curtain made out of pink and zebra print steamers. OMG! It appeared as though I was going clubbing in my own house. 

As I continued to make my way, I only heard several voices yell "Surprise!". I was stunned to say the least, and the only words I could muster at the time were “ you guys are stupid”. Behind all the pink and zebra print hid Jason, Nickie, PJ, Amelia and Amelia’s baby Chloe which is a shih tzu poodle mix doggy. Nickie had slaved away all morning cooking me a wonderful Jamaican breakfast which I fully enjoyed. Please enjoy the pics and video of the morning events and look out for part two.

The theme for my surprise birthday celebration
The dining area was adorned with pink and black decor, as can be seen from the balloons here
Walking through the "curtains" made from streamers (who would've thought about this?! Only my planners =])
My gourmet cupcakes from Sweet - all chosen based on my preferences. Yum!
The weight that held my helium balloons
A glimpse of the decor in the dining area - Make special note of the gift wrapped in zebra print on the table
My reaction to the surprise #priceless
OMG!! When did you guys start planning all this?!
Loving my birthday sash and pin =]

My homemade Jamaican Breakfast (saltfish, callaloo, yam, bananas, & dumpling), yum!!

Opening the gift received from my planners
Yaaay, I got me a pair of new sandals!

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  1. Well HAPPY Fabulous birthday to you! It looked like fun, looked delicious, and very pink :)

  2. This is great birthday decor! I'm glad you had a good one :)

  3. Awww. Congratulations on your birthday! You look fabulous!

  4. Happy Birthday.. and that is so sweet what your friends did for you :) x


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