Sunday 4 September 2011

My Organo Gold Experience

Hey guys, today I am here to talk about something a little more serious than I normally do, so let’s get started. I am sure a lot of you have heard about these get rich quick schemes or pyramid organizations, and may have been tempted by opportunities that promise quick pay-outs and huge returns. Well earlier this year I found myself involved in one such venture, ORGANO GOLD. This organization was to be my saving grace, lol. Sometimes you just have to laugh at these things, what else can one do? – Well at least now I can sit back and laugh.

I was approached by a friend (for the sake of the story we will call her Jill) who told me that she had a great opportunity that she just started making money from and her last pay cheque was about $500USD. Of course this peeked my interest, the initial reaction being one of excitement (that was the first problem). Jill then told me there was a meeting I could attend, that would explain everything about the business. I thought to myself no problem and I wasn’t really doing much at the time so I wasn’t busy, I could attend. So I called up Jill and told her I would attend, she gave me the address and of course, me loving company, I decided to take along another friend (let’s call her Cara). I called Cara and told her I had a business opportunity meeting to attend and if she would be so kind to follow me. Cara didn’t hesitate, so by 6 pm we got to the venue and (no surprise) we were early. There were the usual refreshments on a table, coffee and cake that we could indulge in before the meeting. I had a cup of coffee and it was great. Our speaker came out at about 7:30pm and I recognized him right away. He was Jill’s good friend Hank, I recalled attending a party of his before. Anyways after his presentation we spoke for a bit and I was so convinced that I could do this. How hard would it be to sign ten people in three months? I had this in the bag, and I was going to be rich. WRONG!!!! VERY WRONG it is hard.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that the social circles that Hank and I hung out in were very different. It’s rather difficult to convince a young person out of school to spend the last of their hard earned cash on a business opportunity. This is the category most of my friends and I fell into. I figured this was where I was going wrong and I began having sleepless nights about all the money I had spent, and needed to do something. So I spoke to Cara and she suggested that I put ads in the paper (insert angelic sound here). This is what I needed: a fresh outlook and new ideas. So I did just that, I marched my ass down to Azmart stood in line, filled out the form and paid for them to appear in the paper. This was another epic fail. Tons of people called, but only one actually came to a meeting then I never saw him again. At the end of the day I would give anything to get my money back. My million dollars got me a box of coffee and a website which u guys can still check out and support if you want to help me get back my money, lol! I came to the realization that like most things in life, things don't usually happen that easy. In many of these business opportunities out there, only a few people make money and everyone else loses their entire investment. Getting involved in these organizations is never a long-term plan for financial success. I leave you guys with this today “what is for one is not for all”. Please sit and think about every decision you make thoroughly, as it will save you from making very expensive mistakes in life.

Don’t get me wrong, the aim of this post is not to “bash” the company and deter potential investors, as there are persons who have benefitted from this venture, in more ways than one, and over a long time span. It’s for you the investor to determine whether or not this is the right gamble for you. This obviously is a Multi-Level Marketing strategy that I found out was not for me personally, but that does not mean it won’t work for you. It depends on your ability to network and the social circles you are a part of. As with any other business venture you consider entering, whether it is a physical location or online, it is imperative that a few questions be raised by you the investor. Such questions include, how will my money be invested? What it will be invested in? What is my rate of return? – The most important, just to name a few. As investors, should you happen to come across a proposal that outlines the possibilities that you will get rich quick with no risks, nor explains in precise detail how your money will be invested, this is where I advise that you exercise extreme caution before the final decision is made to go on board. I for one recommend speaking with expert professionals and do your own research before investing your money, especially if it’s your last dollar. 

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  1. Thx for commenting, I read ur blog all the time

  2. nice analysis i failed with another MLM company called ACN....its so funny how you go from being all excited to depressed LOL
    willdathrill81 on twitter


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