Saturday 24 September 2011

F8 Developers Conference 2011

So the intro to the keynote speech given at the F8 Developers Conference, started out with SNL Andy Samberg imitating Mark Zuckerburg. It was absolutely horrible, I never found it funny in the least bit, and was just a big waste of time in my opinion. I believe the aim was to have us all be fascinated by this new timeline feature that they’re about to implement, but I am not. I’m more on the fence, and my constant question is, “what the hell is Facebook coming to?” If I were to be asked the question on whether or not I believe there was ever a moment in life where we could all overshare, my ultimate response would be, “that moment is now”. From what I gather, Facebook, going forward, will have the ability to record your whole life in chronological order through use of one’s pictures and God only knows what else. It is fast becoming a really scary nightmare where people who claim they are your friends know way too much about you. I highlight this fact with the perfect example below. 

Caitriona: “Hey T, I’ve come to realize that you really like that new Katy Perry song” 

TianShanae: *raised eyebrows* “And just how do you know this?” *bbm confused smiley* 

Caitriona: “Oh I saw it on Facebook” 

TianShanae: “hhmmmm” 

Anytime you listen to a song, watch a TV show/movie, cook, jog, hike, or even walk the dog, just the trivial aspects of your life that most people don’t give two rats ass about, it will be updated via Facebook. This will all be made possible through frictionless update Apps. So when you play games or sign up for services such as Netflix or Spotify, it will ask upon initial use, “Do you want to SHARE?” Should you select yes as an option, that’s it! All services you’ve subscribed for, will automatically update your Facebook user page. In this instance, you no longer have to worry about updating it on your own. As it is now, I may choose to update my twitter and Facebook account to share with my “friends” what I’m doing currently but it’s not automatic. 

Next on the list of changes is Real-time Serendipity. This is where I can listen to a song my friend is listening at the same time. OMG, a stalkers heaven, yaay!!! To be quite frank, I don’t mind sharing stuff, but I am most definitely not a fan of all this auto sharing. Now you’re telling me that everyone knows what I’m listening to, and when, what I’m watching, where I ran, just how fast I ran, and my movie selections/preferences on Netflix. Are you serious? Soon enough, it will start picking up the GPS system on my vehicle, and providing updates on my location and how long it took for me to get there. Better yet, an entire tracking system on my person telling the whole world what I’m doing from what I’m not doing. This is ridiculous! I’m sorry FB, but I’d rather provide all these wonderful details of my life, to my audience, all on my own. 

All in all, Facebook is going to become an even more powerful website than it was before and like Kanye West said, “No one man should have all that power”. As I’ve mentioned in previous discussions with my friends, once an alternate social medium becomes available that seems worthwhile, I’ll surely be deleting my account, and jumping ship. On second thought, one may already have. Are you guys aware that Google + have now opened their platform for all users? You are now able to subscribe and make use of the service without being offered an invite! Do I sense a competition here? Guess I’ll just have to wait and see, but don’t take my word for it, think about it and have me know your views. Please don't forget to comment and/or click that like button. Until next time guys, thanks for reading!! 

Watch the Keynote Speech here 

You can find additional updates that I didn’t mention from the below link


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