Wednesday 10 August 2011

Miami Weekend

Hey Guys,

My name is TianShanae, and I recently migrated to Orlando, Florida, having been born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. I often times describe this change to be a life altering experience, so in aiding to keep my sanity, the decision was made to create a blog. The aim of this blog is to is to engage you all in this new journey I’ve now embarked upon. That is, how I go about adjusting to life in a new country and really anything thing that matters to me.

So this past weekend (05/08), PJ, Jason and I were in Miami. The aim of this trip really was for the guys to celebrate PJ’s upcoming nuptials, however I just saw it as a ride to a different city as opposed to being locked up in a house all by myself. Dont get it twisted, I never tagged along with them, nor engaged in their “male activities”. We stayed at the Hilton in downtown Miami on Biscayne Blvd and just to say the least, I fell in love with the view from our room. It was gorgeous especially at night when u saw all the city lights. So now I am considering celebrating my birthday in Miami but we will see how that goes.

Thanks for reading!


Friday Night

Me being silly on Saturday morning

The view from the room

Jason waiting on his car from valet

PJ and Jason trying to pay for parking

Still trying to pay for parking, the parking meter didn't like our money

Random pic of downtown Miami 

Random pic of downtown Miami

Random pic of downtown Miami

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  1. I like your blouse is cute!!!


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