Thursday, 27 October 2011

My First Bowling Experience

Hey Guys,

So Oktoberfest was really fun, and having gone, there was the vibe and sudden urge to do something that would keep us all entertained throughout the night. With that said, Nickie, Jason and I decided to pay Firkin Kegler a visit. Now Firkin Kegler is a Family Entertainment Centre here in Orlando. I sum it up as a gaming arcade and restaurant in a single location, similar to Coco Jam back home to some extent (except that this arcade was built for family entertainment, as opposed to just kids).

I had gone there once before for dinner, however, I never saw the arcade or bowling alley on that trip, as the restaurant where I had dined, is to the front of the building. So just imagine my surprise when I entered a well lit room considered to be a 32-lane bowling centre comprised of a host of really big screen TVs, and fascinating decor. These screens were approximately 22ft, each covering four (4) lanes. All that could have escaped my mouth at the time was "WOW". Now I don't mean to sound like a "Frighten Friday" as we would say back in my home country, but I had never gone bowling before so I really didn't know what to expect of the place really.

We all knew absolutely NOTHING as it relates to bowling, however, we decided to make that plunge, and signed up for our first game ever. We jumped in head first as a group, and prayed that we didn't make a mockery of ourselves in the then crowded bowling alley. As usual Jason caught on in no time *rolls eyes*, and lets just say it took both Nickie and I, a much longer time to get the hang of the game. Irregardless of this fact, we all had a blast, more so the second time around. We cheered each other on when either one of us did well, and in good spirits laughed in the instance we thought the other was being silly. All in all it was a great experience and lots of fun.

Bowling is a great alternative to the movies or going out to eat on the weekend. It's an activity I plan to engage in a whole lot more as I believe it simple, entertaining and suits my personality. Have you guys ever gone bowling? What was your experience like? If you haven't gone, do you believe I've persuaded you all into trying it out? Lol, I think you should. Test it out, and have me know your views. Share in my experience, from the pictures posted below.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Oktoberfest 2011

Hey Guys,

So once again I decided to attend yet another community event. This one entitled "Oktoberfest", was of course another great experience.  It reminded me somewhat of what us Jamaicans host back home on occasion called "Market on the Lawn" by Devon House in Kingston, but still was slightly different. There were numerous vendors were present showcasing the many products and services they had to offer, but all in all, the event was a "beer" festival representing multiple cultures.

In an attempt to provide some insight here, Oktoberfest may be described as a 16–18 day beer festival held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, and runs from late September to the first weekend in October. It is noted to be one of the most famous events in Germany, and is the world's largest fair, with more than five (5) million people attending each year. Having been held since 1810, Oktoberfest is recognized as an important aspect of Bavarian culture, and there are other cities across the world that also hosts Oktoberfest celebrations, modeled after the Munich event.

As it relates to celebrations here in Orlando, Florida, on the second weekend in October, Celebration Town Center becomes a German biergarten (beer garden), where autumn is celebrated with live music, food and assorted vendors, falling leaves on Market Street, hay rides and more. Upon visiting in my attempt to partake in the activities within my community, I was able to acquire once more, some Jamaican food. I had authentic jerk chicken, served with rice and peas, as well as macaroni and cheese. Best believe that "hit the spot", it was great, lol!

The event in and of itself was all too entertaining. It was fun not only to see all the vendors and what they had to offer, but the crowds response in relation to same, especially those expressions of astonished children. Below I share with you, images of the well coordinated event, a simple, but fun activity, that contributed to an amazing weekend for me.


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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Another Year of Fabulous Pt. 2

Hey Guys!!

In my previous post, I had shared with you all, highlights of my birthday morning and promised a part two. Having been surprised from all the morning events, I was extremely grateful and overall just content with plans of chilling and enjoying the remainder of the day. Little did I know that this wouldn't have been the case *face palms*. I was informed around sometime after two that afternoon that we were all going out that very evening, and I had to be ready for 6pm. So we all got ready around that time and proceeded to leave. Now luckily my eyes were quick, and in this instance, swift enough to see Jason type Ming Court into the GPS. Muhahahahaha!! From this, I figured of course that we were going for Chinese or Japanese.

Just to fill you all in, Ming Court is one of many International Drive Orlando Restaurants. Situated on two acres and surrounded by one of the most beautiful garden settings, the restaurant features an extraordinary selection of Dim Sum, Sushi, Wok and Char-Grill cuisine. I believe they are true to their word. In that, whether it is planning an intimate dining occasion overlooking the Koi pond and gardens, dining out with family and friends, or if you need private dining or meeting spaces in Orlando, Ming Court will be one of those spots to remember.

We ordered and ate food which might I add, was great. After our table was cleared, I soon saw the waitress approaching me with gifts, all of varying sizes, and of course a box I had already figured to be a cake. The cake I had figured as Jason and Nickie had left me earlier and gone on the road, and returned with the box, however, it was so concealed, I had no idea as to the type of cake that lay waited me. At this point, I was not only slightly embarrassed, but overwhelmed. One, because of the stares that were now headed in my direction in the then busy restaurant, and I honestly thought that the gift I got in the morning was it, and was already satisfied.

I was given the option of opening my gifts or cutting my cake. My choice was that of cutting the cake. I was elated when I saw the then “biggest secret” amongst everyone revealed. To the left of the cake was an image of myself, and on the right were the words “Happy Birthday Tian”. It was gorgeous to say the least. It turned out to be a vanilla cake with raspberry filling, and it was so soft and moist it tasted like my own slice of heaven. At this point, and even in remembering the cupcakes earlier, the only thought that came to mind was “Jason and Nickie really outdid themselves this time”. Next was the opening of the gifts that now stood before me.

In addition to my sandal which I absolutely love, I received in this specific order, a Micheal Kors watch (white and rose gold), that I had been killing myself over for as long as I can remember, a large bottle of Nuvo, and last but by no means least an iPad 2. By this point I could hold it in no longer, I was in tears. This I could no longer contain, but I do remember feeling like the luckiest girl alive at that very moment and that to me was just amazing. I am truly appreciative of all the wonderful people that surround me, and feel absolutely blessed. This is by no means as a result of the gifts received because they were never expected, but what got me was the overall thought process and effort it must have taken to make my special day a success, and trust me when I say, that it was!

Overall, it was a beautiful experience and for it all, I give thanks to my two wonderful planners. You guys made my day!!

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