Tuesday, 24 January 2012

OOTD - Kimono Sleeves

Hey Guys,

Here again with another outfit post! *smiles*

So … I’ve been thinking lately, seeing that I post images of outfits ever so often, it would only make perfect sense for me to have a dedicated outfit day on my blog. Do I hear a new blog segment here?! “Oh yea, Oh yea, Oh yea, Oh yea” (Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian’s voice – Lol, as I always say, I clearly crack myself up, hehe!)

Any who, with that said, beginning next week, I will be posting my “outfit of the day” (OOTD), on Wednesdays of each week. This week’s selection is an outfit I wore to church recently. This is after suffering a really bad allergic reaction to this new purple eyeliner I bought. OMG, it was a horrible experience to say the least, but not to drift, the top I wore was perfect for the day. I was going for a relatively easy look, something that wouldn’t restrict my movement in any way, particularly because I was feeling a bit under the weather. Hope you likey, Lolol!

Bag and Watch - Michael Kors
Sandals – Handmade Leather Sandals (bought in Jamaica)
Top - Charlotte Russe

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Monday, 23 January 2012

Blue Martini

Hey Guys,

So despite my aversion or dislike for clubbing as a social activity, I decided to visit The Blue Martini Lounge. The basis on which this choice was made is that everyone had a GREAT interest in going, and I no longer wanted to be thought of as the "party pooper" (This I most certainly am, and I proudly live up to the name – Lol, just kidding! – But I can be at times). It’s not just yesterday that they have been trying to “draw me out”. This of course was how I was supposed to ring in my birthday in October of last year, and even then, it would have been the third week they all attempted to drag me along for the experience.

Blue Martini is supposedly one of Orlando's hot spots, it being a night club and premier live entertainment bar/Martini Lounge, housing the most sought after bands, artistes, and DJ's. This begs me to ask the question, sought after by whom? Now there was a toss-up earlier as to which night would have been the better night to have gone. Whether Friday or Saturday. As a group, the decision was made to attend on Friday night. Now I don't know if we had chosen the wrong night, but I can tell you that our "fun night out", had equated to the biggest epic fail ever. You want to know my thoughts on it all? I am torn between confusion and amazement. I was amazed at the crowd, comprised mainly of older folks, and most definitely cougars. I swear we were probably the youngest of all patrons in the then jam-packed room/lounge. They were all gyrating and carrying on to none other than techno music!! *screams*

I was intrigued, but also confused by those I consider the elderly, and their behaviour. They were on top of tables, all over each other, forming conga lines, drinking their lives away and just having a ball. This was all just too much for me. It actually made me stop for a second to think, “Am I the only one on planet earth that never knew how to have fun?” Of course I was brought back to reality when I realised that we were all of the same mind-set. A lot of the men there were perverts. They were like vultures, waiting for a female to pass, so their hand could land up her dress. There was a guy who basically circled us the entire night. How could I even forget to mention that fact? He freaked the living “bejesus” out of me, Lolol (I clearly crack myself up). This place in and of itself was weird.

Back home should I consider going to a club; I'm entertained by a variety of music. Whether dancehall, reggae, techno, or soca which I dislike. Either way, there is a little bit of something for everybody, such that no one is left dissatisfied at the end of the night. Don't get me wrong, I believe each "spot" has a following of their own, however, this one, simply put was not for me. Maybe it's where I'm from, maybe it's my personal taste in music, maybe it's the crowd that I'm used to, but I TianShanae was not feeling it at all. In the end, we all left, thankful that it was over, but filled with laughter going over the night’s events amongst ourselves. They say variety is the spice of life, and I agree to some extent, but let's just say this is one trip I shan't be making again, Lolol!

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Friday, 6 January 2012

OOTD - Colour Burst

Hey Guys,

Every so often, I share with you all outfits that stand out for me on any given day or week. This is one such post. Now sometime last week, I visited the hair salon, and decided to take a few shots on my return home. I wore this really bright, colourful top I had picked up from TJ-MAXX a few weeks ago. I completely adore this top as I believe it automatically lifts one’s mood. It’s like sunshine on cloudy day, my own little pack of Skittles – Taste the Rainbow, Lol! I crack myself up!

Below I share with you, images of my colourful outfit. I must say my day was made, a new hairdo, alongside a “pick-me-upper” of a blouse. *Angelic Voices* Priceless!!

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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Winter Faves

Hey Guys,

Now some of you may recall a post of mine some time ago, highlighting a few items I deemed my "Summer Faves". I still do consider each and every one of them remarkable and am still kind of excited at the mere thought of using them (call me crazy - I know!). Anywho, based on the feedback received from you, my lovely readers, I have decided to share with you all, a few more items I hold very near and dear to me since this past season. Let’s call them my “Winter Faves”. Below you will see a listing of these items, which I absolutely adore, and just can’t live without.

Michael Kors Logo Print Signature Tote, Vanilla – This was a gift received from Jason this past Christmas, and I don’t think I can truly express in words how much in love I have been. I swear this bag goes with everything! I just never feel the need to change it. As such, it has now become a great everyday bag.

iPad2 – Now this device I must say I CANNOT live without. My precious tablet! It really does run as fast as a computer and weigh less than a newspaper. I use it for pretty much everything and it never fails. My iPad2 keeps me fully entertained at all times, whether it is with the books I am reading, the blogs I am following, news, games, etc. (THX BESTIE!! ;))

Cozy Socks – It has been really cold in Florida and evidently my mother had a sixth sense about this. So said, as she sent me four (4) of these socks and they help keep my little “toesy-wosy’s” warm and toasty.

Maybelline’s Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara – I recently discovered this mascara and believe me when I say I have fallen completely in LOVE with it. I believe the heart-shaped wand and the formula is absolutely amazing!

My New Note Book – Now this I use to jot down my thoughts and ideas I may have pertaining to my blog. Now you may wonder why this is, when she already has an iPad. The funny thing is, I am a “writer” for lack of a better word, and even though this can be done on my iPad, I still rather put pen to paper!

Now that I've clued you in on some more of my favourite items, I hope you enjoy using each product as much as I do. Feel free to leave a comment and share with me, the products you deem most intriguing, and a must-have. 

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Hey Guys, 

First and foremost, I would just like to say ... Happy New Year!!!!!☺ 

OMG! I cant believe that its already 2012. This ultimately means that the end of the world is near!! Lol (OK, EXTREMELY BAD JOKE). On a more serious note, I must say I was saddened at the thought of ringing in the New Year this year. I just wasn't interested in any form of celebration to say the least. Firstly, I was frustrated that I was not able to attend the usual parties back home, and of course, I missed my family and friends a whole lot, more so my sister. Rather than being all down and depressed about it all, I decided to take some good advice from a friend. That was, to make the best of my current situation, go out and try my hardest to have fun. So I did just that and I must admit I had a ball. Below I share with you, some images of my NYE outing.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all the support received over the past year. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you, and hope that I continue to entertain you through my blog posts. Special mention is needed to be made to the below individuals: 

Jason – My Full-time Photographer 

Nickisha – My Editor and Tech Support 

Renee – My Social Network Promoter 

Without your help, my blog wouldn't have been where it is at to date. I thank you for your continued love and support that I do hope will filter into the New Year.

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